1st International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods

Sponsored by Fluid Dynamics TC, AFOSR and DLR

January 7-8, 2012

at the 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee




General Information


Important Dates

       Jan. 30, 2011          -         Test cases defined with most geometries available

       Feb. 28, 2011          -         E-mail hiocfd@gmail.com for your intention to participate (for planning purpose)

       March 1, 2011         -         Grids available for some cases

       Oct. 15, 2011                     -         Abstract (abstract template) and fellowship application with an endorsement letter from the advisor (abstract needed to present your work). Do send an incomplete abstract if you believe data will be ready on Nov. 15th.

       Nov. 1, 2011            -         Acceptance e-mail sent out

       Nov. 15, 2011          -         Data submittal

       Jan. 7-8, 2012         -         Workshop (registration required to participate)


List of Accepted Abstracts (10/17/11)

Preliminary Agenda (01/04/2012)


New! Workshop Results (Some errors in the summary are being corrected!!!)




Important Guideline (Read this first!)

Notes for all participants. If you have any questions, send e-mail to: hiocfd@gmail.com

Follow http://twitter.com/#!/hiocfd for updates!


Test Cases

     C1. Easy, 2D

C1.1   Internal inviscid flow over a smooth bump (Abgrall) (1/30/11), Mixed order and uniform order grids (5/24/11)

C1.2   Transonic Ringleb flow (Huynh) (1/30/11), p4 quad grids (8/25/11)

C1.3   Flow over the NACA0012 airfoil, inviscid and viscous, subsonic and transonic (May), p4 quad & triangular grids (far field boundary over 1000 chords away) (8/3/11).

C1.4   Flat plate boundary layer (Bassi) (1/30/11), quad grids (9/23/11)

C1.5   Radial expansion wave (van Leer) (Attention added on 9/30/11)

C1.6   Vortex transport by uniform flow (Caraeni) (Updated on 10/05/11), Grids (4/11/11)


     C2. Intermediate, 2D & 3D

C2.1   Unsteady viscous flow over tandem NACA0012 airfoils with a smooth initial condition (Cary) (1/30/11)

C2.2   Turbulent flow over a RAE airfoil (Deconinck), Linear and higher order grids (5/24/11)

C2.3   Analytical 3D body of revolution (Kroll), Linear and high-order grids (5/24/11)

C2.4   Delta wing at low Reynolds number (Hartmann) Grids (updated 8/15/11)


     C3. Difficult, 2D & 3D

C3.1   Turbulent flow over a multi-element airfoil (Wang) (1/30/11), Geometry (5/11/11)

C3.2   Turbulent flow over DPW III wing alone (Fidkowski) (1/30/11), Grids (9/8/11)

C3.3   Transitional flow over a SD7003 wing (Visbal) (1/30/11), Geometry posted on 5/11/11 (Points or IGES file)

C3.4   2D laminar flapping wing case (Persson) (1/30/11)

C3.5   Direct Numerical Simulation of the Taylor-Green Vortex at Re = 1600 (Hillewaert) (4/18/11), reference data (8/24/11)


Organizing Committee

       Remi Abgrall, INRIA and University of Bordeaux

       Francesco Bassi, University of Bergamo

       Doru Caraeni, CD-adapco

       Andrew Cary, Boeing

       Herman Deconinck, VKI

       Chris Fidkowski, University of Michigan

       Ralf Hartmann, DLR

       Koen Hillewaert, CENAERO

       H.T. Huynh, NASA Glenn Research Center

       Norbert Kroll (Co-Chair), DLR

       Georg May, RWTH Aachen University

       Per-Olof Persson, UC Berkeley

       Bram van Leer, University of Michigan

       Miguel Visbal, AFRL

       Z.J. Wang (Co-Chair), Iowa State University     


For up-to-date information, visit the workshop website:

http://www.cfdc.iastate.edu/hiocfd or email hiocfd@gmail.com